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bearmoon  is too busy chasing dragonflies and ladybugs.

The owner only uses this journal for tracking purposes, so if you attempt to friend her or comment, you will receive no response. Should you wish to remove this journal from your friend list, please do so now.



YaoiCon Cosplay - Aridos

Jumping in on the pokemon cosplay train! One of my cosplays for YaoiCon (aside form the super one one I'm looking forward to) is going to be the spider-type pokemon, Aridos. Originally, I was going to base what I'm making off of this:

But I'm not too fond of the whole shorts deal going on. Then after lots and lots of looking, I thought that trying to find yellow boots was impossible. So I ended up redesigning it a bit. One, to fit my figure, two, to appeal more to my tastes, and three, to make it less complicated for myself. I also tried playing the other bits of the pokemon into the costume more than in the drawing above, like adding the horn and pincers and the little stinger. Below is my redesign that I'll be pulling off :

So yeah. Should be lots of fun. XD Erick's making my...arm/wing things and the rest shouldn't be too tricky. Just figuring out the proper measurements of the spats, I think. But should be a blast. Will be my first cosplay with shiny pleather which should be....interesting.


Because you all know how much I love sharks.

Apparently they're selling an 8-cube one at Bed Bath & Beyond for $5 and so I totally want it.

I mean....that's freaking awesome! The fin stands out of the water thanks to the glacier effect. What could be cooler?

Friends : Iceosaurs~

Because whenever I see dinos, I think of you.
"Turn your next cocktail party into a success of epic proportion - well, at least you can add fun to your drinks and make 'em the toast of the party with dinosaur fossil ice cubes. The Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Tray ($15.00) is the perfect prehistoric touch to modern day drinks (they're great for Jell-O molds, too!). The food-grade and freezer-safe silicon trays can withstand temperatures of -58 °F to 446 °F."


It has been far far too long my dear friends. Life has sincerely been a non-stop roller coaster for me since last May and focusing more on life, has made it difficult to keep up with any part of my online life. This isn't a goodbye or a hiatus notice, it's actually a revival.

Why? Becuase I miss you all, and I want some internet back in my life. I just wanted to start out fresh and new.

Journal has a new look to fit with the feeling of summer,
Profile has been updated with minor tweeks here and there,
Old entries have been deleted,
Old tags cleared out,
Memories removed,
Inbox emptied...
...and I'm now completely public (aside from the occasional goodie share). Plus two cute little icons from Pandora of Elliot (seen with the entry) and Sharon in a tigersuit (my default icon).

I'm feeling good. No, I'm feeling great and refreshed and ready to rekindle my fun times I had on here. I missed you all.

I have a small request, if you wouldn't mind. Just leave a little comment saying "hi" or giving me a nutshell of what's been up with you. I need to reconnect. ~_^-

As for what's been going on with me in my absence, that will follow after this in a friends only.


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